Marina di Chiavari - Calata Ovest is one of the "twenty sisters" of an expanding network, which includes facilities scattered throughout the Mediterranean. The fact of being part of a network makes it possible to enjoy some shared and "patented" standards able to guarantee, by virtue of the widespread experience in several ports, services and comforts able to satisfy every need. In short, a single modus operandi applied in all the "Marinas of..." which, in addition to a continuous overall improvement of the offer for pleasure boating, never loses sight of the enhancement and respect for the natural and tourist heritage of the areas involved, which from the presence of the Marina can expand the economic potential of the induced activities. In fact, in the philosophy of "Marine di" there is the will to create collaborations and synergies with local realities, for example by becoming partners in cultural activities or promoters of initiatives with the world of education and entrepreneurship. "Marine di" does not want to be a separate island attached to a territory but an added value.


Telephone : + 39 340 1633413
VHF: assistance channel 11 H24

Chiara Vigo: commerciale@calataovest.it



The Marinedi Group is a leader in the Italian and European market for the development and management of Marinas. Founded in 2013, it is today the first Marina network in the Mediterranean, with about 6,000 berths in 14 operational bases.
Managing directly, or in partnership with local and private entities, port facilities dedicated to nautical tourism, Marinedi expands the services and potential of port facilities already present on the territory and also develops projects for the creation of new facilities, favouring the increase of nautical tourism.
The "one brand, one standard" philosophy. All of the Group's marinas are guaranteed by the excellence of the Marinedi brand: with dedicated services, certain mooring fees, management and highly qualified staff. In each of the Group's marinas, the yachtsman's every need is met to ensure a comfortable stay and an unforgettable experience.

Chiavari Harbour - Calata Ovest. Where the sea pampers you.